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Flood Geology Series Homeschool Hour

Over the next three weeks, the “Flood Geology Series” by Awesome Science Media will be airing during GSN’s “Geology Homeschool Hour” Monday mornings, starting at 10:00 Central.  Below is the schedule of which episodes/topics are planned:

Mondays – Starts at 10 am Central (CDT)
ASM Fl Geo 1-2 HelensNovember 2  – “Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evidence of the Worldwide Flood

Learn about the devastating eruption of Mount St. Helens and what it has in common with the Biblical, global flood.  This modern volcano illustrates how geologic phenomena can be rapidly made in a catastrophe, rather than slow processes over millions of years.

ASM Fl Geo 3-6 Ice AgeNovember 9 & 16 – “The Great Ice Age: Evidence from the Flood for It’s Quick Formation and Melting

 Atmospheric scientist, Michael Oard, walks viewers through what an ice age is, what would cause an ice age, what evidence we have for an ice age, and many other details.  Aired in four episodes over two Mondays, this program is ideal for high-school or junior-high level students and others who enjoy learning.

Be sure to see our schedule page for more information on regular programming like Homeschool Hour


Homeschool Hour

Weekday Mornings
10-12 (Central)

Genesis Science Network offers programing specifically geared for supplementing your homeschool curriculum. We will often be airing various educational series, like our current Body of Evidence anatomy series. This programming is generally best suited for high-school/junior-high ages.  Each weekday has a different topic:

  • Monday – Geology
  • Tuesday – Biology
  • Wednesday – Astronomy
  • Thursday – History
  • Friday – Surprise Topic (Various)

Find regular updates about specific “Homeschool Hour” programming or ongoing series on our social media:

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Body of Evidence Biology Homeschool Hour Series

Tuesdays – 10am (Central)
September 1- December 15

Body of EvidenceStarting Tuesday September 1, 2015 GSN will be featuring Dr. David Menton’s 16-part “Body of Evidence” anatomy DVD series during our “Biology Homeschool Hour” every Tuesday, beginning at 10:00am (Central).  In these videos, Dr. Menton takes two teenagers on a teaching-tour through the human body, showing the intricacies and other marvelous signs of design in each of the major systems of our bodies.

Dr. Menton is a lively and insightful speaker.  Throughout the series, he uses many models and props to illustrate his lessons.  Each of the 16 video parts is 30-40 minutes long.

This series is an ideal supplement to high-school level biology or anatomy curriculum.  We would also highly recommend it for college students and other adults interested in this topic.  If you miss an episode in the morning it also air at 10pm (Central).  Find the video trailer and more information about the “Body of Evidence” or purchase this DVD series in the Creation Superstore