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Whether you are watching from your television, computer, smartphone or tablet, Genesis Science Network brings you the best of Biblical Creation and Scientific programming FREE of charge.

GSN was launched by David Rives Ministries as one of our global outreach tools to promote empirical science and discovery, as we affirm Scriptural truths.

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Help Us Share the Gospel and Declare the Glory of God through Science.

Genesis Science Network was formed by David Rives Ministries and is fully funded and supported by our viewers. It delivers wholesome, inspiring, uplifting, and educational 24/7 programming to homes around the world at no charge. As we continue to grow and reach the world with Biblical Truth, we are asking for you to step out in faith with us to help support GSN financially. Through the grace of God we are reaching more and more households, but as a result, our broadcast costs continue to grow.

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We would like to thank many organizations for their assistance and for sharing their videos and resources with Genesis Science Network:

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