We would like to give a big thank you to all the faithful viewers and supporters of Genesis Science Network!  We have been overwhelmed with the incredible growth and impact of this outreach – so much that some major changes in the background have become necessary.   These changes will help make GSN available to you in more ways, reaching more people with the Gospel message and truth of the Scriptures.  Hopefully, they will also resolve some of the technical difficulties you may have encountered while watching, broadcasting to you with more reliable quality.  More details coming soon!

But, we need your help – as the number of people we are reaching has increased so dramatically over the last few months, so have the costs required to broadcast GSN. We would like you to consider supporting this highly influential ministry in both funding and (most importantly) prayer.  Our  young people – those in your families, churches, and communities –  are not only being inundated with evolutionary lies in their schools, but are also being fed these same lies when they sit down to watch television.  Only the evolutionary side of things is being taught – people need to know that there are Biblical and scientific alternatives.

One viewer said: “For decades, channels like Discovery, Nova, and PBS have done incalculable damage to the minds of listeners by indoctrinating many with a humanistic and evolutionary perspective. But there’s a new network available now! Genesis Science Network.” –TTD

Streaming 24/7 around the globe, Genesis Science Network offers that alternative that is so needed in our anti-Biblical dominated airwaves.  We are a mosaic ministry – making the programs and lectures by many different organizations (such as Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Awesome Science Media, and many others) available to reach more people with these important messages.  This is not an independent effort. We don’t do this without help, and we can’t continue or expand our reach without support.  Please remember us in your prayers and consider making a donation.

Here are a couple of testimonies from viewers:
“I adore GSN. I watch it hours and hours at a time. It is the home page on my TV. God Bless all involved and the generous ministries that have given permission for their programming to be aired. Such a wonderful example of the Church working together for the greater good.” –CK

“I blame you guys! It’s all your fault! I can’t watch NOVA on PBS now without cringing when they say the phrases millions or billions of years…. and they say it A LOT!” – Chris B.

Your tax-deductible financial gift can change lives today! To partner with GSN,
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