Thank you for your part in helping David Rives Ministries to grow and reach so many new people with the truth of creation. What has happened in the past year (in our ministry, and around the country) has been nothing short of shocking, and in many ways, encouraging. PLEASE READ “THE INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY’ at the bottom of this message to learn about a unique opportunity that you can be a part of which could shape the next year of this ministry.
            The outreach of our 24/7 live streaming channel, “Genesis Science Network,” has been increasing, with many people learning and sharing by way of the network. Thanks to the prayers and support of viewers like you, GSN remains a beacon of truth proclaiming scientific accuracy of the Bible!


            So many lives have been touched in the last 12 months and we feel so blessed to have been a part of that, but we are confident that with your continued help, there are even greater things to be accomplished in the coming year!
We are uniquely poised to impact not only unbelievers around the world, but the up-and-coming generation of young men and women who need this Biblical encouragement and support, especially in a time when they are being attacked from every angle – School, University, Television, Internet – with the lies and absurdities of evolutionary theory.
This is where we need your help, as you join with us to proclaim truth.
A very generous donor has reached out and offered a $150,000 matching gift for those who act to support this ministry. This is an opportunity that we have NEVER had in the past, to truly, exponentially grow in the upcoming year! That means that whatever you can give, up to the amount pledged above, will be matched dollar for dollar!
I know there are many charities and non-profits that you could support as we close this year. However, God is moving in this ministry in such a powerful way, and as we remain faithful to the Lord’s calling, using very little to reach literally millions, He has blessed our faithfulness. We believe that your special consideration can open up brand new doors of creative opportunity.
Won’t you consider a generous end-of-year contribution so that we can take this exponential leap and tackle the giant of evolution with our slingshot of truth? We all have a purpose in life, through Christ, and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thank you for your love and support, and I pray that you will have a wonderful new year full of blessings,


David Rives
            P.S. Remember, your tax-deductible end of year donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000!

This opportunity may never come again, so please prayerfully consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to double the impact of your end of the year love gift.