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GSN is now on Amazon FireTV and GoogleTV!

We’re excited to announce that GSN is better than ever before. We have released tons of new shows and content that you will see start to air in the upcoming weeks (including new programming from Answers in Genesis). But also, Genesis Science Network just became available on Amazon FireTV and other new platforms. If you have a voice-activated AmazonFire stick, just say “Genesis Science Network” into your remote, and favorite our 24/7 TV channel! Bringing you the Gospel and declaring the Glory of God through science.

We want to say thank you to all of our viewers, and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all of the donors who have stepped up to make this network possible. God bless.

Homeschool Hour

Weekday Mornings
10-12 (Central)

Genesis Science Network offers programing specifically geared for supplementing your homeschool curriculum. We will often be airing various educational series, like our current Body of Evidence anatomy series. This programming is generally best suited for high-school/junior-high ages.  Each weekday has a different topic:

  • Monday – Geology
  • Tuesday – Biology
  • Wednesday – Astronomy
  • Thursday – History
  • Friday – Surprise Topic (Various)

Find regular updates about specific “Homeschool Hour” programming or ongoing series on our social media:



For more information about general GSN schedule and weekly programing, check out our schedule page




Body of Evidence Biology Homeschool Hour Series

Tuesdays – 10am (Central)
September 1- December 15

Body of EvidenceStarting Tuesday September 1, 2015 GSN will be featuring Dr. David Menton’s 16-part “Body of Evidence” anatomy DVD series during our “Biology Homeschool Hour” every Tuesday, beginning at 10:00am (Central).  In these videos, Dr. Menton takes two teenagers on a teaching-tour through the human body, showing the intricacies and other marvelous signs of design in each of the major systems of our bodies.

Dr. Menton is a lively and insightful speaker.  Throughout the series, he uses many models and props to illustrate his lessons.  Each of the 16 video parts is 30-40 minutes long.

This series is an ideal supplement to high-school level biology or anatomy curriculum.  We would also highly recommend it for college students and other adults interested in this topic.  If you miss an episode in the morning it also air at 10pm (Central).  Find the video trailer and more information about the “Body of Evidence” or purchase this DVD series in the Creation Superstore


GSN is Exploding the Airwaves!

GSN has officially been live on Roku, internet, and mobile devices for one month.

Immediately, we saw spikes of traffic flooding in. Over the past month, an average of 500 people tuned in DAILY.

We haven’t even begun promotion of the channel… which is pretty staggering. While we are bringing this to you 24/7 for free, the airtime we must pay certainly isn’t free, and with the number of viewers growing, there are large monthly charges. Would you consider becoming a Monthly Partner? This ministry is non-profit, and we believe an important channel that is reaching the world.

INTRODUCING GSN – NOW LIVE on Roku, iOS, Android, and Web!

We just went live on Roku late Friday, May 1st. Within only a few hours, we had over 1,100 downloads of the channel.

GSN Teaser Trailer

A sneak-peek of what’s to come:

Welcome to the Network

Welcome to Genesis Science Network.

Please check back soon for more information

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