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Just a short time ago, GSN went dark, and within minutes, we started getting calls and emails asking what had happened. Normally it would just be a little server or internet problem… however, this time it was something different… As of today, Genesis Science Network is off the air until we can figure out what to do next. A couple of days ago, we got a notification that the service we use to deliver GSN to ROKU wanted quadruple our rates immediately or else they would allow our TV channel to go off the air! Basically, they are holding our channel for ransom until we pay an outrageously high monthly fee! Please pray for us, as we’re going to need around 15 thousand dollars over the next few weeks to get it back up and running. We’re just about to start a campaign to get 100 different people to commit to $45 or more per month, and hopefully that will help us get it back up on the air. We know that the enemy doesn’t like the message and is trying to attack it in any way possible. Looks like MOMENTARILY, he has succeeded, but we have faith that God will take us through this even stronger.

Thanks and blessings,
David Rives,
Founder of Genesis Science Network

Dinosaurs Down Under Part 3: Thorny Issues Thursday, February 23rd @ 8:30pm Central

Watch “Dinosaurs Down Under Part 3: Thorny Issues” with David Rives and Australian creationist John Mackay, right here on GSN. Tune in Thursday, February 23rd @ 8:30 pm Central time!

Can’t tune in on Thursday? Check out the “Dinosaurs Downunder Trilogy DVD Set” from the Creation Superstore

Dinosaurs Downunder Trilogy Transparent01-2016-5-12- 3 DVDs in the Dinosaurs Downunder Series with John Mackay and David Rives – Dinosaurs Downunder Trilogy DVD Set

DVD #1. “Dinosaurs Downunder Part 1: Jurassic Ark”

Did you know that terrible lizards are being found downunder, in Australia? How did those creatures get there? Did a big meteorite wipe them all out? Or maybe there was a flood? What is the fossil record really trying to tell us, and does it line up with what we read in our Bibles? John Mackay is a debater, lecturer and researcher from Australia who has done a tremendous amount of field work on these subjects.

DVD #2. “Dinosaurs Downunder Part 2: The Flood”

Could dinosaurs swim? Why are their fossil remains many times found with their necks and heads arched back in a spectacular “Death Pose”? What about Archaeopteryx, the supposed feathered dinosaur? John Mackay is a debater, lecturer and researcher from Australia who has done a tremendous amount of field work on these subjects. What is the fossil record really trying to tell us, and does it line up with what we read in our Bibles?

DVD #3. “Dinosaurs Downunder Part 3: Thorny Issues”

Did dinosaurs and man live at the same time? Is there scientific evidence that they died out only after sin entered into the world? What can THORNS AND THISTLES in the fossil record tell us? Weren’t they part of the curse in the Garden? What is the fossil record really trying to tell us, and does it line up with what we read in our Bibles? John Mackay is a debater, lecturer and researcher from Australia who has done a tremendous amount of field work on these subjects.


End of Year Exciting Update

Thank you for your part in helping David Rives Ministries to grow and reach so many new people with the truth of creation. What has happened in the past year (in our ministry, and around the country) has been nothing short of shocking, and in many ways, encouraging. PLEASE READ “THE INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY’ at the bottom of this message to learn about a unique opportunity that you can be a part of which could shape the next year of this ministry.
            The outreach of our 24/7 live streaming channel, “Genesis Science Network,” has been increasing, with many people learning and sharing by way of the network. Thanks to the prayers and support of viewers like you, GSN remains a beacon of truth proclaiming scientific accuracy of the Bible!


            So many lives have been touched in the last 12 months and we feel so blessed to have been a part of that, but we are confident that with your continued help, there are even greater things to be accomplished in the coming year!
We are uniquely poised to impact not only unbelievers around the world, but the up-and-coming generation of young men and women who need this Biblical encouragement and support, especially in a time when they are being attacked from every angle – School, University, Television, Internet – with the lies and absurdities of evolutionary theory.
This is where we need your help, as you join with us to proclaim truth.
A very generous donor has reached out and offered a $150,000 matching gift for those who act to support this ministry. This is an opportunity that we have NEVER had in the past, to truly, exponentially grow in the upcoming year! That means that whatever you can give, up to the amount pledged above, will be matched dollar for dollar!
I know there are many charities and non-profits that you could support as we close this year. However, God is moving in this ministry in such a powerful way, and as we remain faithful to the Lord’s calling, using very little to reach literally millions, He has blessed our faithfulness. We believe that your special consideration can open up brand new doors of creative opportunity.
Won’t you consider a generous end-of-year contribution so that we can take this exponential leap and tackle the giant of evolution with our slingshot of truth? We all have a purpose in life, through Christ, and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thank you for your love and support, and I pray that you will have a wonderful new year full of blessings,


David Rives
            P.S. Remember, your tax-deductible end of year donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000!

This opportunity may never come again, so please prayerfully consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to double the impact of your end of the year love gift.

GSN is now on Amazon FireTV and GoogleTV!

We’re excited to announce that GSN is better than ever before. We have released tons of new shows and content that you will see start to air in the upcoming weeks (including new programming from Answers in Genesis). But also, Genesis Science Network just became available on Amazon FireTV and other new platforms. If you have a voice-activated AmazonFire stick, just say “Genesis Science Network” into your remote, and favorite our 24/7 TV channel! Bringing you the Gospel and declaring the Glory of God through science.

We want to say thank you to all of our viewers, and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all of the donors who have stepped up to make this network possible. God bless.

New Milestone!

In the past few days, we have seen multiple instances of over 1,000 unique viewers per day! Thank you so much for telling your friends and spreading the word!

facebook thanks-2015-9-17- (Custom)

GSN is Exploding the Airwaves!

GSN has officially been live on Roku, internet, and mobile devices for one month.

Immediately, we saw spikes of traffic flooding in. Over the past month, an average of 500 people tuned in DAILY.

We haven’t even begun promotion of the channel… which is pretty staggering. While we are bringing this to you 24/7 for free, the airtime we must pay certainly isn’t free, and with the number of viewers growing, there are large monthly charges. Would you consider becoming a Monthly Partner? This ministry is non-profit, and we believe an important channel that is reaching the world.

INTRODUCING GSN – NOW LIVE on Roku, iOS, Android, and Web!

We just went live on Roku late Friday, May 1st. Within only a few hours, we had over 1,100 downloads of the channel.

GSN Teaser Trailer

A sneak-peek of what’s to come:

Welcome to the Network

Welcome to Genesis Science Network.

Please check back soon for more information

David Rives Ministries is founded upon and rooted in the scriptural mandate to go into all the world, proclaiming the truth of God’s love through Biblical creation and modern scientific discovery.